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NEW: you can import all your collection data from Excel files, and all your images in one single click. In less than a minute you will have all your collection in your iPad!

MyStamps is the perfect app to keep a complete record of your stamps collection. Design and operation is the result of feedback with hundreds of stamps collectors, the result being an indispensable application for the collector.

For each stamp you can enter multiple data (code, country, denomination, category, year, variety, perforation, color, price, position on the album ,...), plus images.

View the details of your collection is very simple: MyStamps is designed to segment quickly and effectively details of your collection. You can browse grouping data by country, denomination, year, album ... For example:

* USA stamps
* USA stamps in the album 1
* USA stamps in the album 1 from 1947
* stamps in the album 4
* stamps in the album 4, 1 cent
* stamps in the album 4, usa
* stamps in the album 3, 1970
* stamps from 1970, album 3, 1 cent
* ....

All within a few clicks.

Thanks to MyStamps you can have an overview or detailed view of your collection, and thanks to its powerful search engine you'll find in seconds the stamp you are looking for.

You can also add new stamps copying the data of another, so you do not have to manually enter all the information: enter the details of your stamps collection is faster and easier than ever.