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The most famous is the Da Hong Pao tea, produced in Fujian Wuyi Rock, is the quality of tea were the most outstanding.

Wuyi Rock Tea has a long history, according to historical records, Tang Dynasty, tea production has been planted, folk had to Dahongpao as a gift to share. Royal Song as a tribute, Yuan Wuyishan also set up a "baking Council", "Royal Tea", specifically collect and tribute tea, oolong tea, Wuyi Ming and Qing Dynasty created a tea planted variety, with large red robe, iron Lohan, white crest, water beetles, "the four famous fir", in addition to the growth of tea named after the environment, such as but not days, gold keys, etc.; the tea named after the shape, such as Begonia drunk, drunk sent by the Dongbin to catch beetles, Fissidens grass, Jade Kirin, Yi Zhixiang, etc.; the tea leaf named, such as gold seeds, money, bamboo, gold willow, willow leaf down; to late morning tea named after germination, such as spring willow, spring, etc. I do not know; to become tea named flavor, such as cinnamon, stone mastic, white musk。