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Route optimizer | iPhone & iPhone Edition
Optimal route planning - saving time and fuel made ​​easy!

You run daily to many destinations, and have no desire to waste unnecessary time and money by detours or a "unfavorable" route. You are for example a sales representative etc. - we have the perfect solution! For each "tour" due to the complex calculations it is possible to optimize up to 8 targets!

In our "route optimizer" simply enter your targets in any order - or select them directly from the address book. The result is the optimal route plan! At best, you've saved your investment in the app after the first trip. For iPhone and iPad.

Route optimizer does not replace your navigation system but determines the optimal sequence including directions of targets. So enter your best identified "intermediate target" sequence in your navigation system . For each "tour" are due to the complex calculations down to 8 goals.

We wish you many "saved" mileage - whether you need to approach many targets in a city or region! For each "tour" are due to the complex calculations down to 8 goals possible. (The calculation of the optimum route requires a data connection).

- Route segments can be passed directly to Apple Maps!