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Linxicon for iPad

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Challenge your memory and enhance your language skills by playing this new twist on tile-matching games. Instead of matching two identical images, you match word associations like synonyms, antonyms, rhymes and more.


--Anagrams (re-arranged letters)
The Eyes...They See
Debit Card...Bad Credit
Schoolmaster...The Classroom

--World Capitals

Many more categories and loads of word pairs = hours of brain-teasing fun!
• Anagrams: words and phrases with re-arranged letters
• Antonyms: words with opposite meanings
• Author and Work: authors and their literary works
• Elements: periodic table elements and abbreviations
• Equations: match simple equations including sums, differences, products, and quotients
• Homophones: identical-sounding words
• Idioms: fill-in-the-blank figurative sayings
• Latin: Latin phrases and their commonly-understood meanings
• Rhymes: single-syllable and multi-syllable rhymes
• Roman Numerals: match roman numerals with numbers
• Synonyms: words with similar meaning
• US Capitals: match US state capitals with the state
• US Presidents: US Presidential terms
• World Capitals: city and country

Game Features:
• Over 10,000 pairs of words, phrases, and equations to match!
• Choose from 3 tile sizes - large (6 pairs), medium (10 pairs), small (12 pairs).
• Game tiles are randomly arranged and word pairs are randomly chosen.
• Continuous gameplay - a new random game starts automatically when a game is over.
• Play only the categories you want by selecting them in the settings.
• Set the duration mis-matched pairs are shown - set it faster for a more challenging game.
• Score history including number of moves and game completion time.
• Optional sound effects for matched pairs and completed games.

The iPad version of Linxicon has the same games as the iPhone version, but with three different tile sizes to choose from: large, medium, and small. A smaller tile size means a more challenging game since more tiles can fit on the board.