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Any Day Journal

iPhone / iPad
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"Any day is a good day to start a journal; to promise, again, to tell the truth — the whole, nothing but, etc, etc. The gaps don't matter — it’s the writing down that counts."

The line is from one of Logan Mountstuart’s journals, in William Boyd's "Any Human Heart".

Maybe you’ve been meaning to keep a journal, or you wish that you had kept a journal. Today is a good day to start your journal, and Any Day Journal is a good way to start it.

Any Day runs on your iPhone. Why your iPhone? Because you’ll have it handy when you want to make a journal entry. Any Day has a clean, no-frills, intuitive interface, and leverages the iPhone’s built-in capabilities to keep track of the time and location of your journal entries, to incorporate photos, movie clips, sketches and sound clips, all without getting in your way. You can search and export your journal as well.

The key to journaling isn't features, though, it's you, writing. Any Day and your iPhone make it easy to keep that journal. All you need to do is start.

Any Day makes an ideal travel journal, birding journal (with photos and locations), project journal, whatever. It’s there when you want it.

Let’s give Logan Mountstuart the last word:

"David Gascoyne once told me that the only point of keeping a journal was to concentrate on the personal, the diurnal minutiae, and forget the great and significant events in the world at large. The newspapers cover all that, anyway, he said. We don’t want to know that 'Hitler invaded Poland'—we’re more curious about what you had for breakfast. Unless you happened to be there, of course, when Hitler invaded Poland and your breakfast was interrupted. It’s a point, I suppose, but I felt it would be worth picking up this journal again today if only because I’ve just walked out into my African garden and looked up at the moon. Looked up at the moon to marvel at the fact that there are two young American men walking around on its surface. Even Gascoyne would grant me that."