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First they invade your picnic and now your iPhone! Well it's time for payback. ANTS! is a very addicting game that puts your squishing skills up against 3 different ants all with their own special abilities. Squish all the ants you can to achieve new high scores and save your iPhone from infestation.


Normal Ant : Normal Ants make up the majority of a colonies population, they use that to their advantage by sending waves upon waves of ants.

Fire Ant : They don't like being squished at all so when they do get squished they explode in an act of defence. However, this usually backfires and ends up killing the surrounding ants.

Queen Ant : The fastest of the trio and by far the most annoying. After the Queen Ants emerge from the anthill they will move very quickly to a random location, and if they get there unharmed a new colony will be started (so I'd squish them if I were you).

Note: Fire Ants are immune to the explosions of other Fire Ants. Queen Ants can only come out of the original anthill and not one that was created by another Queen Ant. Touch the hearts that appear on the screen to gain an extra life during the game.


ANTS! will be updated based on user reviews so please rate and add suggestions. You can also reach us at Thank you for your support!

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- "quite fun to play and is worth a look"