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Bupa HK Fitness

iPhone / iPad
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** Please note that due to memory constraints this app will not work on the iPhone 3G, iPod Touch original, iPod Touch second generation and earlier devices **

Assess and improve your level of fitness with Bupa’s targeted workouts and personal four-week plan. The application is designed to help you progress on four key areas of fitness: flexibility, core stability, balance and strength.

- Use Bupa Fitness workouts as a stand alone programme or to complement your cardiovascular routine.
- Start the application by assessing yourself in four key areas: flexibility, balance, core stability and strength on a scale of one to four stars.
- Each test has a video demonstration.
- Follow a personalised four-week plan that takes into account your strengths and weaknesses, which should help you to progress by one star in each key area.
- Complete the targeted workouts to improve your weaknesses.
- Each workout comprises a warm up, four exercises and a cool down.
- View a step-by-step explanation and a video demonstration of each exercise.
- Each exercise can be made easier or harder to suit your level.
- Use the timer to help you during the exercises.
- Take the test again at the end of the four weeks to see how much you have improved.
- Keep track of the exercises and workouts you do, as well as your test results in your tracker.
- Learn fitness facts along the way.
- For additional variety, use the shuffle function to create a random set of exercises.

** 請注意, 由於記憶體所限, iPhone 3G、第一代iPod Touch、第二代iPod Touch及更舊版的裝置不能使用本應用程式。**

使用保柏設計的四星期體能鍛煉計劃, 能配合個人目標及需要, 助您評估和提升體能。這套應用程式讓您從四方面提昇體能: 柔韌性、核心肌群穩定性、平衡力和力量。

- 保柏健身運動既可作為獨立鍛煉計劃, 亦可輔助常規心血管運動。
- 首先自我評估四項主要體能指標:柔韌性、平衡力、核心肌群穩定性和力量, 評分最小為一粒星, 最高為四粒星。
- 每項測試會有示範影片。
- 四星期個人體能鍛煉計劃是因應您的強項和弱點設計, 助您在每項主要鍛煉範圍內依照星星數量的指標, 循序漸進地提升表現。
- 完成此個人體能鍛煉組合後能改善您的弱點。
- 每套鍛煉組合都包括熱身、四個動作和紓緩運動。
- 收看每套運動的逐步講解及示範影片。
- 每套運動的難度都可以調高或調低, 以配合您的體能狀況。
- 以計時器來協助運動。
- 四星期後再接受測試, 看看有多大的進步。
- 利用追蹤器記錄所有運動、鍛煉和測試結果。
- 做運動之餘還可以學習健體知識。
- 用隨機選擇功能來隨意組合動作, 增加運動的趣味性。