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Construct 8 by 8-square checkerboards with puzzles that will make you think! Sit back and expand your mind with checkerboards. Move puzzle pieces by touching and dragging. Rotate pieces by double tapping. Need help? Click the “Provide Hint” button.

There are three puzzles to complete. BRAIN TEASER is a 6-piece puzzle that does just what its name implies. Solve the TEASER and you’ll surely want more! Next quench your thirst with BRAIN TWISTER. It’s a 9-piece puzzle designed to prepare you for the ultimate checkerboard challenge --- the BRAIN DESTROYER. The DESTROYER is a 12-piece puzzle that just may blow your mind. Once the pieces have been separated and mixed, it’s almost impossible to reconstruct. Only the best will complete this one.

Features include:
- 3 challenging puzzles
- Use with or without hints
- Restart puzzles at any time
- One-finger drag
- Run puzzles currently
- Rotate pieces 90, 180, and 270 degrees
- Automatic save