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Textformer Pro

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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“Textformer Pro” is a multi-purpose text conversion tool that offers various transforms such as case conversion, romanization, and even Chinese Pinyin conversion by simple operation.

***iOS 8 KNOWN ISSUE*** The application language may be forced into Japanese with non-English system of iOS 8. If you have accidentally got Japanese with the App, you have to setup the secondary language as English: Go to “Settings > General > Language & Region > Other Languages… (or equivalent of your language),” select “English” from the list and tap “Done.” Then reply “Keep (your language)” when a dialog appears. Sorry for inconvenience. Next update will fix this issue.


Tapping [Transform] reveals a dial picker to select one of various transforms where you can observe each result immediately as selected. Available are following transforms:

Canonical Normalization:
This transforms a text according to Unicode canonical normalization (NFC) where diacritics and other combining marks are composed with a base character, as well as compatibility characters are replaced with standard ones. It can be useful to fix hidden coding problems.

Compatibility Normalization:
This transforms a text according to Unicode compatibility normalization (NFKC) where ligatures are decomposed into strings of ordinal characters, and formatted characters are replaced with plain forms. It generates more compatible text.

Upper/​Lower/​Title Case:
Change the case of alphabetic characters in Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, and other Western scripts.

Change the width class of Japanese Katakana, Hangul Jamo, and ASCII Alphanumerics for Eastern writing/​coding systems.

Remove Diacritics:
Removes diacritics such as accent marks from base characters. It is useful to convert European or Romanized text into ASCII.

Simple/​Smart Quotes:
Convert simple quotes (" ") to smart ones (“ ”) and vice versa.

Softbank Emoji↔Unicode Emoji:
Converts emojis between Unicode Emoji (Apple Color Emoji) and Softbank Emoji. These two sets resemble each other but very different in coding and compatibility, so that applying one of the conversions may avoid certain compatibility issues.

Converts Greek, Cyrillic, Japanese Kana, Korean Hangul, and other phonogramic scripts to be Romanized.

Convert Romanized text to the designated script.

Convert one of two Japanese Kana scripts to each other.

Convert Traditional or Simplified Chinese ideographs (Hanzi) to each other.

Hanzi→Pinyin without/​with Tone Marks:
Convert Chinese ideographs (Hanzi) to Pinyin (Romanized phonetic description) without or with tone marks.


In the default setting, the main text editor is always synchronized with the system clipboard. You can directly apply a transform to the clipboard content copied in other application and paste back the transformed text. You don't have to repeat troublesome select/​copy/​paste operations.

Please refer to help message in the application for detailed instructions.