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What people say: ※ “I have never imagined that we could play iPhone in this way!”
★ “没有想到可以这样玩iPhone游戏!”

※ “My hands hurt, my voice is almost lost, my table is to crash~!”
★ “玩的我手好痛,声音沙哑,桌子也快拍烂了~!”

※ “Funny and innovative rhythm game! It is not just a game, it gave me an iPhone drum!”
★ “好玩有创意的节奏游戏!它不仅仅是一款游戏,更像是一个击鼓玩具!”

Simple, innovative and funny rhythm game that anyone can enjoy! Different way of game playing will give you different and exciting experience. Unlike other rhythm game, PaPaBong combines voice and vibration control. To play this game, you need to motivate your hands movement by tapping the table and use your voice at the right time. It is not only an app, it is giving you a gadget of making fun.

PapaBong makes your surroundings live drum, enjoy rhythm-fighting anytime, anywhere.



PaPaBong 让你可以随时随地都能玩击鼓游戏,享受节奏游戏的乐趣。



-An easy rhythm-fighting gameplay with master skill
-A new and unique control style – voice input and table tapping
-Voice input and device vibration detection for controlling fun
-48 difficulty levels with variety of rhythms
-Multiple difficulties for rhythm gamers of all skill levels
-Game Center supported for world ranking system
-Lovely animation with cute cartoons
-Unlimited possibilities of way of playing this game
-English and Chinese language support


-全球Gamecenter 分数排行榜