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Course For Pro Tools Beat Detective

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Got some drum loops to edit? You need Beat Detective! These tutorials will help you slice beats like a pro ...

It slices! It dices! And it makes your beats groove, too. It's Beat Detective, the extremely powerful yet underused beat slicing tool that is part of Pro Tools. In this two and a half hour course, Pro Tools master Scott Freiman will teach you everything you need to know to become a Beat Detective expert.

Most people think that Beat Detective is a tool for working with loops, but that doesn't even scratch the surface of what Beat Detective can really do. Beat Detective allows you to extract tempo changes from almost any audio, as well as MIDI tracks, or you can align your tracks to the session tempo. You can quantize your audio using specific grooves and even use Beat Detective to create your own grooves. Beat Detective helps you tighten up performances, match loops to each other, and create remixes. It can even help in smoothing post production edits when working with video.

Scott Freiman walks you through detailed examples of each of these uses for Beat Detective, as well as many other examples. Whether you're a new Pro Tools user or a seasoned veteran, you are bound to pick up some powerful techniques from this course.

This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch the entire show. Use the keyword search function and detailed menus to quickly find items of interest. For a full list of this tutorial's topics, see the Table of Contents.

Table of Contents:

01. Options for Realigning Audio
02. What Can Beat Detective Do?
03. The Beat Detective Window
04. Samples and Ticks
05. Extracting Tempo from Audio I
06. Extracting Tempo from Audio II
07. Extracting Tempo from Audio III
08. Extracting Tempo from MIDI I
09. Extracting Tempo from MIDI II
10. Extracting Tempo from MIDI III
11. Aligning Audio to the Beat I
12. Aligning Audio to the Beat II
13. Creating a DigiGroove I
14. Creating a DigiGroove II
15. Creating a DigiGroove III
16. Creating a DigiGroove IV
17. Tightening Up! I
18. Tightening Up! II
19. Tightening Up! III
20. Loop Matching I
21. Loop Matching II
22. Loop Matching III
23. Working with Foley
24. Editing Beat Triggers I
25. Editing Beat Triggers II
26. Conforming Options I
27. Conforming Options II
28. Conforming Options III
29. Working with Multiple Tracks I
30. Working with Multiple Tracks II
31. Working with Multiple Tracks III
32. Working with Multiple Tracks IV
33. Collection Mode I
34. Collection Mode II
35. MIDI and Multiple Tracks I
36. MIDI and Multiple Tracks II
37. Step 1 - Audition Loops
38. Step 2 - Extracting the Groove
39. Step 3 - Working with the Vocal
40. Step 4 - Working with the Remaining Loops
41. Step 5 - Cleaning Up
42. Tips To Get the Best from Beat Detective