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Save Gas

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Save Gas is the easy to use iPhone App that gives you real-time as-you-drive information on how you are driving so you can drive safely and more efficiently and use less fuel. It is biofeedback for your car. If you save gas you save money. As Benjamin Franklin said, "a penny saved is a penny earned."

Save Gas uses your iPhone or iPad-3g GPS to determine your speed and driving characteristics. An internet connection is not required, so Save Gas will work in remote locations as long as a GPS signal is available.

We tell you, as you drive, if you are accelerating or decelerating at a higher rate, both of which increase gas use, so you can make adjustments when safe and reduce fuel consumption.

The screen behind the optional digital speed display will be Green if you are driving evenly or Red if you are accelerating or decelerating at a higher rate.

Driving evenly and smoothly is one of the best ways to use less fuel, so driving in a manner where the screen is Green most of the time will reduce your fuel consumption.

By seeing the Red and Green screens in your peripheral vision you will be aware of how you are driving and can, safety permitting, make adjustments. Even the smoothest drivers can benefit from feedback.

So, how much can you save? That depends on how you are driving now. Even if you are already driving smoothly the feedback will help. And if you are not driving as smoothly as you could Save Gas will give you valuable feedback. During the design and testing of Save Gas we found that colored light feedback was of great help in maintaining smooth and even driving habits and really didn't make the trip take any longer.