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If you enjoy drawing, you will love this app. If you think you don't know how to draw, you will soon find out actually drawing can be a very different experience with the help of this app. With it, you can draw on your ipad in any way you want. It's very easy and anyone, from 2 years old baby to 90 years old grandma, can use it to draw the most amazing things.

You can paint in different colors, different line widths, different transparencies, and even in solid mode or dash mode. There is also the freeform way, in which means the app just follow your finger movement. There are also many standard shapes(lines, rectangles, circles, ellipses, etc.)in boundary-only mode or filled mode.

What makes this drawing app different from the gazillion other drawing apps is that it allows you to add your photos to your drawings. Just select a picture from your photo album, and drag your finger, and vioala! The picture will be added to your drawing instantly. Because you use your finger to drag it, it can come in any size you want, covering the whole background or just a little visual. The app also provides you with a number of graphics elements, including tree, frog, butterfly, ladybug, horse, leave, etc. They can be added to your drawing as well. The size and orientation of the graphics elements can be controlled easily by your finger.

After you have finished the drawing, with just one click, you can be send it to your friends, or save it to your own Photo Album. You can also just keep it within the app and modify it in the future.

Still wondering what you are going to draw today? Why don't draw something on your friends' photo and send it to them for fun? Or maybe a birthday card? Party invitation?

This app is a amazing all-purpose drawing app. Try it, you will love what you draw!