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Science Terminology

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Understanding the basics of science can be difficult and overwhelming at the best of times, so you need an app to help make learning this subject simpler!

With more than 45 pages covering over 275 KEY science definitions this is a must have reference guide for anyone wanting help to do well in science.

Used by teachers and educators for years, this guide covers everything you need to know about this wide subject, all in our easy to use phoneflip format.

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Images include:

Periodic chart, electromagnetic spectrum, the Zodiac, tectonic plates, greenhouse effect, isotherms, food web, respiratory system, Circulatory system, Skeletal system, Muscular system, Digestive system, Cells of the Immune system, and many more!

Offline Access!
All the content for this guide is downloaded to your phone. No internet connection is ever needed to access content.

Topics Include:

• Scientific method
• Tools/Measurement
• Word parts

• Astronomy - Beyond the solar system
• Astronomy - Solar system

• Geology - Planet Earth
• Geology - Dynamic Earth

• Oceanography - Ocean

• Meteorology - Atmosphere
• Meteorology - Weather

• Ecology - Living things in environment
• Taxonomy - Classifications
• Cytology - Cells
• Microbiology - Microbes
• Botany - Plants
• Zoology - Animals

• Human - Nervous System
• Human - Senses
• Human - Respiratory system
• Human - Circulatory system
• Human - Skeletal system
• Human - Muscular system
• Human - Digestive system
• Human - Excretory/Endocrine systems
• Human - Reproductive system
• Human - Immune system
• Human - Heredity (genetics)

• Chemistry - Describing matter
• Chemistry - Changes in temperature
• Important chemicals
• Physics - Motion of matter
• Physics - Newton’s Laws of Motion
• Physics - Machines
• Physics - Electricity/Magnetism
• Optics - Light
• Acoustics - Sound

Science is a key focus area in school and needed for many of today’s top-paying careers. Get your pocket reference guide today!

Like all our 'phoneflips', this lightweight application has NO Adverts, NO In-App Purchases, never needs an internet connection, and won't take up much space on your iPhone. Zooming, Portrait & Landscape modes supported.

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