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Three Character Classic-Amaze the World with a Single Feat HD-By Tinysky

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Three Character Classic-It begins with the Spring and Autumn Epoch and ended with that of the Warring States. Next is the Five Dominant Powers, and Seven Military States came to the front.
King Zhuang had ignored the state affairs for three years since he succeed the throne. His minister Wu Ju told him a riddle: a giant bird had neither flown nor sung for three years. What kind of bird was this? King Zhuang smiled and said, it was not an ordinary bird. It would astonish the world once it sang. Later, King Zhuang made every effort to build a strong state, and became one of the five overlords during the Spring and Autumn period.


★ Newly introduced recording mode from which parents or kids can record their exclusive dub letting babies use their imagination to make their favorite story and improve the fascination of reading. The recorded sound can be played under sleep mode which make baby sleep with their “parents”.
★ Newly introduced Paint Panel: The pictures from meticulously selected stories let your baby paint their favorite colors, fully express their painting talent, enjoy the happiness of creating.
★ Newly introduced postcards sending future. Send your baby’s lovely drawing and amusing words to your family.
★ Newly introduced pinyin label: support simplified, traditional Chinese and English help your baby learn words.
★ Colorful high quality original pictures show vivid visual stories to baby, help it improve the taste of art and imagination. Enjoy the happiness of reading.
★ Professional reading: with the high quality of Chinese and English dub, kids can swap the two language with ease, it’s the best material for English learning.

We have chosen over a thousand outstanding works carefully from famous publishers, and cooperate with the well-known animation company TINYSKY, an famous domestic illustration company, make the adaption to the entire story be more vivid. Bright, sprightly color matching gentle, interesting music has built a very relaxed and the joyful atmosphere. In addition, we designed a different game which is simple and interesting for children at different ages, enabling them to gain more knowledge while playing games. We believe that this multimedia electricity classical philosophical works certainly will bring the unique reading feeling to you and your child will like it.