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Easy Consult

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**A one time download fee only**

**This app downloads onto your iPad so you can play the consultations without requiring an Internet connection**

**You only need Internet when you send emails to your patients**

**The apps' contents are only in English**

Easy Consult was designed for the busy and progressive dental office. Developed by My Dental Hub, the innovative leaders of high quality online patient education, Easy Consult is our most popular module and is now available on your iPad.

If you are interested in increasing your Case Acceptance, and Saving Time, then Easy Consult is the solution for you. Simply select a treatment and your consultation is ready for you – fully narrated animations and slideshows, with accompanying documents. Your patient can view the consultation on your iPad, and you can email the entire consultation to them (both the animations and documents).

Patients love our stunning 3D animations with our clear and concise explanations – the simplest way to help your patients understand their treatment needs and increase your case acceptance.

In fact, in a recent survey, our customers told us that using our software increased their case acceptance by 54%. Do the math – that’s incredible!!


The 20 pre-made Treatments are:

1. Oral Hygiene
2. Gingivitis
3. Periodontal Disease – Mild
4. Periodontal Disease – Moderate
5. Periodontal Disease – Advanced
6. Root Canal – Posterior Tooth
7. Root Canal – Anterior Tooth
8. Crown Posterior
9. Crown Anterior
10. Crown – All Ceramic
11. Bridge – Anterior
12. Bridge – Posterior
13. Single Tooth Implant
14. Whitening Trays
15. Whitening with Zoom
16. Whitening Inlays
17. Veneers
18. Impacted Wisdom Teeth
19. Fixed Detachable – Lower
20. Denture with Locator Attachments

To view the contents of each treatment, please visit our website to find out more.

See what our users are saying:

"My Dental Hub has increased our treatment plan acceptance. This tool has helped us make patients more interested and educated about their treatment."

"It's so simple to explain and show procedures. Clients appreciate the simple explanations. By showing the visual animations, we have found that patients are accepting treatments more readily."

“This product is invaluable in dealing with the tech-savvy patients of today and to keep your practice modern and current”

“The level of animations is second-to-none!”

“The very first day I used this, I found my case acceptance almost automatic”

“Easily understandable by my patients, Easily usable by my staff”

“Easy to use, professional and applicable to everyday practice”

My Dental Hub is committed to providing practice marketing solutions to increase case acceptance by creating high quality products.

Simply get one case accepted - the app pays for itself!! So what are you waiting for? Give Easy Consult a try, and let us know what you think!!

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