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State Size

iPhone / iPad
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Frequently in the media there are events that occur on such large scales that they need to be measured in terms of the size of states or countries in order to comprehend their area of effect. For instance, one million acres may not mean much to the average person, but about the size of Rhode Island makes its absolute area quite a bit easier to digest. This app allows you to convert from standard units of area to states and countries and back, as well as compare the sizes of states and countries to each other.

--Primary view containing the main conversion tools
--Text input for values to be converted and labels containing the current units selected and output value
--Dual-picker for selecting items to convert
--Secondary view containing the unit and state/country classes, accessed using the "Change Classes" button
--Images for each class selected on both screens to provide better visual representation of the currently selected options

--Output and unit displays update automatically with each spin of the pickers or upon changing the input value
--The "Closest Match" button selects the best match in the second picker for the value and item selected in the first picker (e.g. entering an area and automatically selecting the country with the closest value to the area entered)
--Four classes: area units, countries and territories, U.S. states and territories, and Canadian provinces and territories