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1200+ Symbols, Three Languages, One Powerful Tool

MetaTouch is a symbol-based communication tool. Easily create messages with the proven Metacom 5 symbol system. Type on the keyboard and compose messages from single words to full sentences. Share messages from person to person - MetaTouch does not provide speech output.

Use MetaTouch for

Augmentative communication
Early language learning
Simple translation

MetaTouch currently comes in three languages: US-English, German, and French. Spanish arriving soon.

The MetaTouch symbols are very expressive, consistent, and fun - we provide more than 1200 items (from a collection of 3800) sorted by category. MetaTouch covers both a child's vocabulary and many terms important to adults. A number of different levels are available to suit your needs.

You can customize MetaTouch with your own photos from iPhoto or your iPad camera (when available). Show photos of your family, school, or your favorite toy. Extra pages are available to add themes or events you discuss at home or at school.