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Tennis Judge

iPhone / iPad
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This app was written to help keeping score of a tennis match. Therefore, this app is a utility, it is NOT a computer game to play tennis.

Like the chair umpire in big tournaments - who also has a little gadget for score keeping - you assign each point played to the player who has won it. Whatever information might be needed (for instance, after a leghthy dispute if the last point was out or in) current score, ends change, service change, tiebreak etc. is available to you at one glance.

In the options you first tap a new single match or a new doubles match. Then you can enter the player's names, chose among best of three matches, best of five, or consecutive scoring. In standard scoring the default is a regular decisive set. But you have the option of counting the last set as tiebreak or match tiebreak, if the players want to have their beer earlier :-)
In consecutive scoring you can set the maximum number of points to play, the number of points played until service changes, and if there is ends change after 6 points or not.

The app becomes useful if you are a member of a tennis team while watching other members play, or if you back your club's team. If you watch your children in training matches (often counted consecutively) you can announce the score after each point or help them when they have been too concentrated on the game and have forgotten the score.

The main screen shows the current game score as you would call it: points of the player who serves are called first. In addition the match score is shown according to what you have set in options. To assign a point simply tap the court of the player who has won it. If the players have to change ends on court the names on screen will change accordingly. So if you are watching the match in net position the situation on screen is showing what should happen on court.

In case of a disputed point or false count you can always undo the last point. In addition you can force change ends and service, for instance after the coin was thrown at the beginning of the match. In doubles matches you can change the court of the players if they decide to do so after a finished set.

We tried to implement the ITF tennis rules. Please drop us a line if you find we have interpreted something the wrong way.