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Corrupted Core

  • Entertainment
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This is an interactive toy application developed by the A.I. Therapy Department. All similarities to any spherical robots, memory cores or escape pods is purely coincidental. No Artificial Intelligence was harmed in the making of this application.

This tool opens up a visual portal to the Corrupted Core Relaxation and Recycling Center.

The tool will enable the user to interact with*, diagnose**, and engage in conversation*** with a selection of unwell cores currently in enforced relaxation mode, pending recycling.

*) Interaction with a corrupted core is extremely dangerous. Do not perform any actions the core asks you to, especially pertaining explosions or dimensional portals, or cooking recipes. **) Be advised all cores have already been diagnosed by a licensed artificial intelligence psychologist as psychotic, paranoid, schizophrenic, delusional and/or genocidal. ***) Do not do anything the core asks you to. Do not believe anything the core tells you. Do not listen to the core at any time. If you start experiencing headaches, nausea, or impeded vision, dispose of your device immediately. Keep cores away from dairy products.