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Learn to Read, Learn to Write

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A phonetic approach to language that encourages children to write and read their first words.
The german version has been selected by Apple as "App of the Week/Editors' Choice"!
With a refined process we have been able to expand the idea and method to an english version.

Targeted at pre- and elementary school students, it is also something for smaller or even older kids that have fun in exploring the forms and sounds of letters and phonograms.


Innovative learning methods – created with educators, parents and children!


This app ensures a playful way to learn to write and read based on a proven methodology.

Embedded in a familiar environment with animals and magnetic letters, this app will help your child with sight, sound and touch to learn the letters and methods to create them correctly.

The children will listen and think about how to spell words. This way the app helps them to learn on their own and in a confident way.

A larger infotext for all steps is included so parents can see how and why each part will help the individual development of their child and and will also help you to guide it through. However, each step is also introcuded by the voice of a child that helps with the upcoming exercise.

Three main steps can be selected, each one guides through a different aspect of letters, phonograms and words:

01. How to draw letters: In the first step children will be introduced to the sound and form of letters.
They are also introduced to the sound of the letter/phonogram.

Using this time-tested method kids can build their first words easily.
02. Build words from phonetic sounds
Randomly selected words are beeing shuffled and the children should arrange them correctly by listening to the phonetic sound of letters and phonograms.
For each arranged Word the children get a direct response that encourage them to proceed.
03. Usign the movable phonetic alphabet
In the third step the child should write given words by using the prior introduced phonetic alphabet. By using phonetics the words are put together by their sounds, rather than their names. In this step it is more important that the kids conjoins the sounds that they hear, even if the word is not spelled correctly. If they think they achieved their task and have written the word right they simple tap on the next object. This phonetic approach to language better helps children on their way to learn how to read, write and in the end, spell. While the children sound out the words, they equally develop confidence.
All words are also repeated in the correct spelling at the end and the children can read and repeat the sound and image of each word again - with their own timing and on their own.