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Hosoya's WorldHistory

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-- Hosoya's WorldHistory --.

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「The fool learns from the experience. The sage learns from the history. 」 ー Bismarck

In this contemporary society advanced by globalization,the importance of learning world history is increasing.

Every junior high school student and high school student who learns world history!

and those who want to study world history again!

How about such world history not formal?

"I want to give you something you would like to study . "

The world history lecturer Tomoaki Hosoya gives some lecture on the flow and the outline of the history with the cartoon.

CONTENTS (in Japanese)

-- Prologue --

1.Hosoya's world history "Kaleidoscopic east Asia of the 19th century"
(Note:Please correct the year of Opium War from "1855" to "1856".)

-- World War I --
2.Chapter 1 "Imperialism" 〜the world where the weak are victims of the strong〜
3.Chapter 2 "Starting the war and secret diplomacy" 〜the unprecedented war in history〜
4.Chapter 3 " Unrestricted submarine warfare" 〜the appearance of a new world power of the 20th century~
5.Chapter 4 "the war that rolls everyone " 〜the fall of Empires〜
6.Chapter 5 "Let's enclose Germany. ” 〜the imperfect peace〜