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3.11 Fukushima

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11th March 2011, The Great East Japan Earthquake occured.
Tomohiro Takahashi, the photo journalist who worked mainly in Iwaki City, had kept taking photographs for 50 days from the day.

This is iPhone App version of the photographs "3.11 FUKUSHIMA" published in June 2011. It also features Photo-animation (slideshow) that classified the photographs under three topics (the disaster-stricken area,the rescue effort, and the temporary shelter ).

BGM of Photo-animation is composed and performed by Junzo Tateiwa.He commented;
When I composed this music, I intentionally excluded my own feelings and emotions due to the fact that I personally did not experience the disaster. Also, I wanted to keep the date of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in mind, which is "2011.03.11.14:46," so I transformed those numbers to "D-CC-ECCF FA" and harmonized the melody.

And of course, it contains all of the photographs "3.11 FUKUSHIMA", also photographs trimed for lack of spece in it, can watch full-size (not trimming) in this iPhone app version.

Tomohiro Takahashi, the photo journalist commented;
The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami was an unprecedented disaster that took away many things such as lives, homes, buildings, jobs, and our ordinary but happy well-being. However, in all of this I did discover human kindness, connection, and caring of others at shelters through my report. “We cannot live alone.”- I realized these words from my own experience. However difficult, sad, or painful, someone will always be there to support you. With clenched teeth, we as survivors will have no choice but to hold on to this memory for a long time. Also, we have to be sure to tell our future generations the stories about the devastation, as well as about the circles of support. I believe this is our mission as survivors. I do hope that our beautiful Iwaki City returns to normal very soon.

I, one of citizen of the disaster area, really appreciate all of the support, love, and solidarity from the entire world including the other areas of Japan.