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Coaching for Golf HD

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This application is perfect for those golfers who seek to refine their golf skills and help better their strategy in all aspects of the game.

Take control of your golf game with this specialized self-coaching app! It boasts a variety of beneficial self-coaching methods, including a unique eBook of valuable strategies and techniques, inspirational quotes from golf legends, and even an interactive tool to help evaluate, control, and revolutionize your game. This app is your very own personal golf coach and will be there with you every step of the way!

Co-written by both a professional golfer and an expert sports coach, this eBook details an inspirational coaching methodology with a variety of highly-effective tools to support golfers looking to transform their game.

Based on their remarkable golf coaching experience that has helped various professional golfers prepare and succeed in national and international golf tournaments, the authors have developed ten high-quality chapters, each with a specific “tool box” packed with individual tools used throughout the coaching session and tips to develop and perfect your best-fitting golfing strategy.

Enhanced with step-by-step training plans, psychological and physical techniques to increase motivation, and a vast array of intelligent game strategies, this eBook will help keep you ahead of the game both on the course and off.

This app includes more than 100 quotes from golf champions that will help you find inspiration in all aspects of your game. With a mix of humor and motivation, these words will make you smile, provide lasting encouragement, and help you achieve your greatest goals. These extraordinary quotes will resonate as you’re in front of the ball or faced with any other challenge in life. You’ll remember them forever!

Monitor and review your progress throughout each coaching session with an innovative interactive tool that lets you create your very own golf swing and analyze essential components of your game, including your stance, swing, short game, and selection of irons, as well as your psychological, physical, and nutritional preparation.

Graphically monitor your evolution and improvement as well as record personal results to ensure that you reach your maximum potential and truly succeed in your golf career.