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Course For Cubase 6: Exploring the Fundamentals

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So now that you’ve been through our Cubase Quick Start guide where do you go next? This tutorial, Exploring the Fundamentals, by Cubase product specialist Matthew Loel T. Hepworth will give you the strong foundation you need to produce hot tracks the Cubase way!
To master a program as deep as Cubase 6 it helps to have a software roadmap and an experienced guide. In this tutorial, product specialist Matthew Hepworth leads you in the right direction and shows you, step-by-step, how to begin to make Cubase 6 work its awesome magic.

You’ve got to walk before you can run, so Matt first explores the redesigned interface, the 3 project window columns, the inspector and the transport. Then Matt picks up speed and zooms in to give you an exceptional explanation of Cubase’s basic “command and control” functions. From there he shifts into high gear elucidating on how to configure the autosave function, programming the metronome and making good use of Cubase’s built-in “Hints” and documentation. As Matt kicks into overdrive he then takes you to the section revealing Cubase’s conception of how tracks work, the implementation of its awesome tools and the effective use of the essential editing and zoom commands.

So if you want to get “off-and-running” (and not run out of gas along the way) this tutorial, Cubase 6: Exploring The Fundamentals, is your all-important second step in the process. Knowledge is Power. So jump in, power up, put your foot on the pedal and accelerate your Cubase-learning experience by watching these informative videos!

Table of Contents:

1. Welcome to Exploring the Fundamentals
2. Configuring the Project Window
3. The 3 Project Window Columns
4. The Inspector Tabs
5. The Transport Panel and VST Performance Window
6. Transport Controls and the Numeric Keypad
7. The Left and Right Locators
8. Other Transport Options
9. Undo, Redo and History
10. Using Control-click vs. Right-click
11. Using the Metronome (CLICK)
12. Saving Often and Configuring the Auto Save
13. Using Hints and the Help Documentation
14. The Concept of Tracks
15. The Cubase Tools
16. Snap ON/OFF
17. Horizontal and Vertical Zoom Controls
18. Using Key Commands
19. Adjusting the Auto Scroll
20. The “e” or Edit Button
21. Using the Event Zoom Controller

Note: this tutorial is the second in a series of new Cubase 6 tutorials from The whole series includes:

1 Quick Start

2 Exploring The Fundamentals (this one)

3 Production Basics

4 Working With MIDI

5 Working With Audio

6 Effects, EQ, Automation, and Mixing