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Quantum Life Lite for iPhone/iPad

iPhone / iPad
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Analyzes your voice to determine imbalances in the body. Then "drag & drop" these items into the balance Rx tray, stimulating your body with balancing frequencies. The Quantum iLife Lite consists of a single one page powerfull "Davinci" screen for analysis and balancing. A further 14 screens can only be unlocked when you visit our website and upgrade to the practitioners full version. The upgrade available through iTunes converts the single tone generator to the multi tone generator only.

The full version Quantum iLife features over 14 complete wellness panels all with energetic frequencies used for analysis and balancing.

While your eyes are the windows to your soul, your voice is the window to achieving optimal health.

Specifically designed for the holistic health community.

Get your individual wellness score using popular Energetic Modalities such as the
Aura & Chakra Scan, Emotional Profiling, Injury Panel, Chinese Medicine (TCM), Nutritional, Homeopathic & Phobia Profiling, Risk Profile Analysis, Sacred Geometry & Spiritual Protection Panels, Toxicity & Stress Markers….

Aura Scan: Every living organism emits a field of subtle energy field or aura.

Chakras: Identify which chakras are out of balance. Using sound healing tones, help align your chakras to bring your body back into balance.

Emotional Profile: Identify your conscious and unconscious emotions that are your driving force. Utilize sound healing principles to help balance your emotional state.

Injury Panel: Comprises of a variety of sound tones designed to help restore and rebuild the body following injury.

Traditional Chinese Medicine TCM: Utilizing the 5 elemental law of TCM, your meridians can be analyzed and then balanced with sound tones.

Nutriopathy: Discover the world of energetic nutrition and homeopathy using sound tones & frequencies to assist the body in maintaining optimal nutritional balance.

Phobia Panel: Are among the most common of mental health problems. Using sacred energetic tones & frequencies, help get the body back into a state of balance & phobia free.

Risks: Identify your energetic disturbances as it relates to the most popular health risks of today! Help balance the body against these modern day aggressors!

Sacred Geometry: In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures that follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and it's vibrational resonances. Discover what sacred geometrical shape your body resonates with and provide attunement accordingly.

Sensitivities: Identify your energetic disturbances as it relates to sensitivities (food, animals, etc) and help strengthen the immune system against these disturbances.

Solfeggio Tones: These special tones or frequencies are believed to impart tremendous spiritual blessings.

Spinal Energy Flow: Determine which vertebra unbalanced & apply correct feedback to the spine.

Spiritual Protection:
Negativity in any form can be damaging to the human energy field (aura). Fear, anger, depression, negative people/places, arguments and more actually create negative energy that can cling to you or build up in your home and cause problems over time. Spiritual cleansing is therefore very important, for yourself and your home. Run an analysis and determine the best method to provide Spiritual Protection for yourself.

Toxicity & Stress : Access potent tones and frequencies to help neutralize items that can cause toxicity and stress in the body. Includes tones and frequencies for: cell phone EMF, chemtrails, herbicides, pesticides, water contaminants and more.

Quantum Technology: An Emerging Paradigm in the health & wellness industry.

A multidisciplinary research using quantum physics to show that the human body is controlled and regulated by the human energy system; also a branch of medicine that manipulates the body’s energy to treat and prevent dis-ease.