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Butterfly Gardens HD

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Butterfly Gardens HD, by JRJA Software Solutions, is a beautiful game designed to give you the experience of seeing colorful butterflies in beautiful flower gardens, right on your ipad. It's not only a pleasing experience, but is a great game for testing your reflexes at spotting the butterflies. You can customize the app by

1.changing the number of butterflies(20 of them)
2.changing the speed at which they fly around in the garden
3.change the background garden pictures(20 bright colored flower backgrounds)
4.add great sound effects
5. Rain effect

In addition this app has a timer and keeps track of your score. 4000 points makes you a PRO and 8000 points makes you a STAR. 16000 points makes you a GURU. OOPS, just be careful. Don't catch the bee. You loose points! So, what are you waiting for? Check and see if you can grab your hands on this beautiful and challenging app. Great way to keep your kids entertained this summer.

iOS 4.3 tested

This app supports Portrait & landscape orientations:
1. Home button down (shows popover menu)
2. Home button upside down (shows popover menu)
3. Landscape left (shows split screen)
4. Landscape right (shows split screen)

This app works on
2.ipad 2(upto 4.3.3))

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