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Purrfect Paws

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Whether you are a first-time or more experienced cat owner or even a breeder, Purrfect Paws is an invaluable application to help you to organise and manage your cats important information, health and wellbeing.

From worming, flea-treatments and vaccinations to "staggering" your growing kitten’s exercise requirements, feeding frequency and managing the training and socialisation of your furry friend, Purrfect Paws can advise and remind you of what to do and when.

Every cat owner will have the awful feeling of thinking their cat has been lost at least once, and for many it becomes an awful reality. Most will hopefully find their little ball of fluff, but Purrfect Paws makes the odds of finding your cat even greater.

You are given the option of alerting all of the local Purrfect Paws users within a user-defined radius of you that your cat is missing…or if you are really concerned you can also choose to send a poster of your cat’s details to the local vets, groomers, sitters and users. The poster will show the exact time your cat was lost, a map of the location, pictures of your cat, a description and your contact details. If you are registered to Petlog Premium it will also notify them to alert local authorities and their extensive database, with all your information.

The new “Purr” feature instantly enables users to share their cats information with friends and family that have Purrfect Paws installed.

Other features include links to popular social media sites, and a gallery so you can store he cutest pictures of your feline friend.

Keeping track of statistics for good health and knowing who to contact if you need help, advice or in an emergency are extremely important, and Purrfect Paws has databases of vets, groomers, cat-sitters and kennels, as well as links to organisations such as GCCF and Petlog as well as other cat specific advice organisations.

The app will store medical information and will schedule reminders for each different type of booster for flea treatments, worming, vaccination treatments, anniversaries for check-ups for general health, pet passport requirements, insurance expiry, feeding routine and much more...and all of this specific to your cat and its size, breed, age, medical history and the manufacturer of pharmaceutical products used.

Your cat's specific contacts section saves you rummaging through your contacts on your phone trying to remember the name of your vet or his/her practice, or the best cat sitter for when you need to leave your companion with a trusted carer. You can store cat sitters, vets, groomers, the insurance company etc, and call them at the touch of a button, but also if you need to you can send them pre-completed forms of information (like feeding routines, medical history, medications to administer, or just general information) to help them care for your furry friend a little better.

The care section is where specific Health, Food, Exercise, Equipment and any other information that you might want to track or manage or share with any of your cat contacts is available to you. You can add reminders and routines for medications or treatments and they are then able to be referenced or shared with others who might be called in to look after your cat.

The Training Tips section has the most common training advice provided by our training expert, and there are links to useful training resources. These will help you enjoy lots of quality time with your cat and ensure that you have a responsible, well behaved and happy animal.

The ultimate tool for caring for your furry feline friend is here.