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Witchcraft Handbook

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Belief in magic and witchcraft has been around since the beginning of time.

The idea of magic came about when things weren't so good: It grew from the chaos that accompanied bad weather, sickness and shortages of food. When times were bad, shamans, medicine people, witches and other types of sorcerers would cast spells and perform rituals to harness the power of the gods.


The true definition of a witch, as well as the history of witches in general, is widely debated. Many texts describe witchcraft as pacts with the Devil in exchange for powers to do evil and harm others. While this may have some truth in certain sects, for most modern-day witches it is quite far from their actual beliefs and practices.

The Witchcraft Handbook introduces you to the ancient history and secrets of witchcraft. All you need to know about witchcraft is here:

★witchcraft history
★events and rites
★pagan objects and symbols
★sacred trees and mystic animals
★witchcraft spells
★magic potions

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