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Universe News 2: Exoplanets and Galaxies - Video and Images

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These videos and images look at one of the most exciting recent discoveries in Astronomy – extra-solar planets (planets in orbit around other stars) and then look at Galaxies – the huge collections of billions of stars. Also features Dark Matter, Galaxy interactions and Cosmology. Includes over 45 minutes of video and 48 high-resolution images. Video programs courtesy of ESA. Images: NASA/ESA.

Videos featured:
* Exoplanets – 13 min – four ESA programs looking at Hot Jupiters, Fomalhaut B, light Exoplanets and extra-galactic ones.
* Galaxies – 13 min – introduces the basic types of galaxies and then looks at examples of spiral and elliptical galaxies. Plus 16 images of spiral and elliptical galaxies.
* Galaxy clusters – 12 min –looks at merging and interacting galaxies in clusters. 16 images.
* The Cosmos – 13 min – three ESA programs about Dark Matter, a fossil galaxy and the most distant galaxy discovered. 16 images and diagrams.