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iBO-3D is a multiple utility Archery application for the iPhone that is suitable for all ages. Challenging and fun, iBO-3D features a realistic 3D Archery game interface that accurately scales targets and equipment to the current target distance.
Set the in game equipment to closely match you own equipment for realistic game play. Accurate scaling will help Archers instinctively with target range estimation in the field. Feature Rich Utilities for IBO scoring, Arrow Ballistics, and shot calculations.
Ideal for the beginner or most experienced Archer or Bowhunter. Learn the basics of setting up and shooting a bow or hone your skills and tweak equipment settings before you go into the field. Make changes in the Application and instantly see the performance changes before changing your own equipment.
Game Play Features:
•User customizable settings for Bows, Arrows, Speed, sounds, sights, and Releases
•Multi-player Games, challenge your friends
•Scoring tracks target distance, aim distance, target and hit location
•Score cards for each player can be saved and reloaded with all details for viewing
•Realistic use of Bow Sights is real to life for target Aim which will improve your shooting in the field
•Realistic Arrow Flight path shows arrow flight path in the players field of view
•Featuring Rinehart 3D targets, iBO-3D uses IBO scoring rings, methods and rules
Utility Features:
•IBO Score Card for tournament scoring up to 4 shooters which allows tracking of:
oHit locations
•3D target viewer allows shooters to view IBO scoring rings for targets in the game and in the field
•Arrow Trajectory Graph showing arrow flight for an infinite amount of user customizable settings to include:
oArrow type, weight, and diameter
oFletching type, weight, number, and size
oPoint Types and Weight
oBow speed
•Pin Gap Calculation for all user customized equipment settings
•Arrow Ballistic table for user customizable settings for:
oDrop in inches
oKinetic Energy
oFlight Time
•Shot Angle Calculator for estimating the actual yardage to targets that are above or below zero degrees
•Speed Calculator for estimating speed gains or losses for Draw Length, Arrow Length, or Arrow Weight changes
•Front of Center Calculator for estimating arrow FOC for best arrow flight