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It’s 2256 A.D. After a fierce battle against enemy forces, you find yourself in the middle of what seems to be a passage through the very fabric of space-time: a wormhole. There is no sign of your current location or how long you have been there, and the on-board computers show nothing but vague information. Near the end of the tunnel, you see a cloud of objects hastily approaching your ship.

After helplessly trying to contact the rest of your squad, you decide to focus on the only thing that really matters at the moment: survival. Hoping that your ship is still maneuverable, you take control and steer through asteroids and debris that were, perhaps, brought together with your spacefighter into the tunnel. With each passing moment, it becomes more and more evident that the only way out, is in…

How to play:

Rotate your iPad or iPhone as a steering wheel to control the ship’s movement. Grab the blue power asteroids and dodge the rocky ones until you reach the end of the tunnel.