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Infor Mobile Work Request

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Major enterprise organizations are aiming to facilitate campus and office complex -based collaboration (aka ‘crowd-sourcing’) through consumer-oriented smartphone applications and to leverage them as a viable mechanism for gathering and disseminating information.  In response, Infor is now offering Infor Mobile Work Request as an alternative to traditional call-in type of communication with and organizations facility departments.  Infor Mobile Work Request is specifically designed for enterprise organizations that wish to empower their employees to quickly and accurately generate service requests using their personal smartphones.  Employees can now serve as personal guardians for their own campus and facilities by quickly identifying general problem issues and reporting them back to their companies Infor EAM system to initiate quick resolution and repair.
Empowering the Crowd
• Employees can capture the exact service request location through the Global Position System (GPS) receiver built into their Smartphone.  The location can be used immediately to create a service request or stored in a location catalog for later use.

• Employees can also capture and attach a photograph to the service request in real-time or select a previously taken photograph from the smartphone’s photo library.

• Employees can additionally provide text comments and/or contact information as optional information to include with each service request, as well as review the current status of previously submitted service requests and view the location of all active service requests for the selected Jurisdiction.

• Infor Mobile Work Request also enhances the cool factor of organizations by appealing to a younger and more tech-savvy constituency as well as engender stronger community-type  collaboration and interaction through the smart and effective use of consumer-centric technology.

The Infor Mobile Work Request infrastructure is cloud-based, running 24/7/365 on Microsoft’s Windows Azure Cloud Computing Platform.  This means that no additional hardware needs to be procured, provisioned and/or supported to use the solution.  Service requests are automatically routed through the cloud to the appropriate Hansen instance based upon configuration settings and the service request location.