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ISS Track

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ISS Track calculates the International Space Station projection position on the earth showing it on a zoomable interactive map.
Calculation of the position is very accurate, we use the latest orbital algorithm to calculate it.
+ NASA TV LIVE inside your iPhone or iPod (see screenshot) !!

The international Space Station is orbiting around the earth in an orbit at around 350 Km, 188 NM, over the earth surface at an approximated speed of 27650 Km/h or 17180 MPH.

We use the same algorithm used in 'International Space Station' for Mac OS X, available on the Mac Apple Store for Macintosh and position calculation is performed with great precision even on the iPhone or on the iPod.

If you have also the Mac OS X version you can see that the two apps (the one of the Mac and the one on the iPhone) show the same position for the Space Station, and we received in the past congratulations from many for how much precise is the Mac OS X version to show the International Space Station position and our way to always use for the calc the correct orbital data of the day!

Calculation is performed locally, an internet connection is required only to update and visualize the map on screen.
At regular time interval the application uses also the internet connection to update the orbital data (used for calculation) from our servers (max once per day), to use always updated orbital data to execute the correct calculation.

• True orbital calculation engine inside, coded in Objective-C and C++ (this is not a toy nor a web app)
• Always uses the latest orbital parameters to calculate the correct orbit (it updates at launch from our servers the orbital parameters, to use any day the correct one)
• You can also watch NASA TV on your iPhone or iPod using the app to establish a connection with NASA TV and often with direct stream from the station (yes, there is a web cam inside the station!) .
• Maps is zoomable, using pinch In and Out (using two fingers as in any interactive iPhone app) plus you can zoom in with a double (one finger) tap and zoom out with a single (two fingers) tap
• Draggable map
• Customizable settings
• You can select to maintain the station at the center of the screen and the app scrolls the map automatically
• Shows speed altitude and position of the station in your preferred measure units
• Help included
• Good companion to the 'International Space Station' app for Mac OS X available on the App Store

ISS Track works both on the iPad and the iPhone and support both portrait and landscape mode!

PLEASE NOTE: this is not a software getting data position from the internet (as others, often with a great delay and error of display)
This app calculates the position in real time (it needs to have precise clock settings) using the latest algorithm and using always the latest orbital data getting them from our dedicated upgrade servers (NASA updates the orbital data for calculation usually once per day).
It's a true small piece of high technology code (orbital calculation algorithm by NASA in it's latest release) wrapped inside an easy and simple to use Cocoa/Objective-C app that anyone can use.