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Leaves of Grass - Walt Whitman

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This application is the 'Leaves of Grass' of Walt Whitman that is consists of 35 books.
Book 1: Inscriptions
Book 2: Starting from Paumanok
Book 3: Song of Myself
Book 4: Children of Adam
Book 5: Calamus
Book 6: Salut au Monde!
Book 7: Song of the Open Road
Book 8: Crossing Brooklyn Ferry
Book 9: Song of the Answerer
Book 10: Our Old Feuillage
Book 11: A Song of Joys
Book 12: Song of the Broad-Axe
Book 13: Song of the Exposition
Book 14: Song of the Redwood-Tree
Book 15: A Song for Occupations
Book 16: A Song of the Rolling Earth
Book 17: Birds of Passage.
Book 18: A Broadway Pageant
Book 19: Sea-Drift
Book 20: By the Roadside
Book 21: Drum-Taps
Book 22: Memories of President Lincoln
Book 23: By Blue Ontario's Shore
Book 24: Autumn Rivulets
Book 25: Proud Music of the Storm
Book 26: Passage to India
Book 27: Prayer of Columbus
Book 28: The Sleepers
Book 29: To Think of Time
Book 30: Whispers of Heavenly Death
Book 31: Thou Mother with Thy Equal Brood
Book 32: From Noon to Starry Night
Book 33: Songs of Parting
Book 34: Sands at Seventy (First Annex)
Book 35: Good-Bye My Fancy (Second Annex)