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AppWeather HD

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Top 10 in Weather's apps section of iPad Store since the first day of release, in a lot of countries like US.

AppWeather: Check the Weather condition everywhere with your mobile. This app includes High Definition (HD) videos.

- New features:
Human perception, Dew Point, Heat index, 4 day forecast, new design & settings. ✔
This version fixes all the known bugs. ✔

- Previous features:
Check the current weather condition. ✔
Custom HD videos (720p) for some weather conditions. ✔
Search by location or Zip Code. ✔
Temperature, High and Low. ✔
Wind Speed and Direction. ✔
Humidity level. ✔
System clock is displayed in order to make a nice nightstand app. ✔
NEW: See the current temperature in celsius without opening the App. ✔
Customizable home view. (Add the elements that you want to view. You will be able to erase all the elements). Just slice your finger across the screen. ✔
PM/AM or 24 Date Format. ✔
Celsius or Fahrenheit for temperatures. ✔
Km/s or Mi/s for wind speed. ✔
The text will be change the color depending on the condition in order to improve the reading. ✔
Fully translated to English, Spanish, German, French and Italian. The App detects your language so you don't need to set up this. ✔

Weather's Conditions List:

- Clear.
- Cloudy.
- Fog.
- Haze.
- Light Rain.
- Mostly Cloudy.
- Overcast.
- Partly Cloudy.
- Rain.
- Rain Showers.
- Showers.
- Thunderstorm.
- Chance of Showers.
- Chance of Snow.
- Chance of Storm.
- Mostly Sunny.
- Partly Sunny.
- Scattered Showers.
- Sunny.
- Ice/Snow.
- Freezing Rain.
- Freezing Drizzle.
- Flurries.
- Rain and Snow.
- and more.

Internet Connection is required, every 10 minutes will look for a new forecast.


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If you want more features let me know.