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Grab the competitive advantage on the pitch and court with this digital clipboard! Sketch out Boards and organize them into training Plans.

The Top Coach interface has been designed with professional coaches to be a clean, intuitive, and fast interface to visualize and organize Tactical Boards and strategic Plans. The easy to use interface lets you quickly add a variety of tokens onto the field, sketch motions, and write notes. Categorize your plays, share them with the team, export to doc-sharing Apps like iBooks and DropBox, or project them on the big screen.

Sport Fields:
* American Football: Full, Half, Center Views
* Basketball: Full, Half, Key Views
* Basketball IWBF: Full, Half, Key Views
* Field Hockey: Full, Half, Striking Circle Views
* Futsal: Full, Half Views
* Ice Hockey: Full, Half Views
* Lacrosse: Full, Half, Goal Views
* Soccer/Football: Full, Half, Third Views
* Volleyball: Full, Half Views
* Custom: Use custom images

Board Features:
* Landscape and Portrait field orientations
* Quick "drag on" and "drag off" interface for Icons
* Text labels for player Icons and notes
* Draw with multiple line colors and styles
* Straight and freeform lines with optional arrowheads
* Draw square, circle, and freeform regions
* Orientable/scalable Icons for set pieces and exercises
- players, balls, notes
- cones, disks, flags, ladders, goals
- custom images from Photo Library or Camera
* Use images from Library or Camera as Icons and Fields
* Categorize, describe, and store plays
* Spotlight mode to present and focus on specific areas

Training Plan Features:
* Combine Boards into Training Plans
* Organize Boards into Sections
* Add notes and an associated date for each Plan
* Add duration and rep times for each Board
* Add additional notes to Boards in the Plan
* Tap to view each Board fullscreen

Sharing Features:
* Share Board and Plan PDF reports via Airdrop, Email, and other cloud document services.
* Import/export Board and Plan files via Airdrop, Email, and other cloud document services.
* Print Board and Plan PDF reports with an iPad-compatible printer

Suggestions and Feedback:
We want your suggestions and feedback for how to improve this app.
For discussions about features please see

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* Facebook:
* Twitter : @TopCoachApp

Credits and Acknowledgements
* Principal Developer:
- Scot Brew
* Principal Design Advisor:
- Josh Kalkstein: USYS Region IV ODP Boys Assistant Head Coach, Marin FC DOC, Marin Academy Director of Soccer