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What's Next?? - Pattern Game

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Help your kids learn about patterns and sequences in a fun way. What’s Next?? – Pattern Game is especially designed for early elementary aged children who are visual and multi-sensory learners. This game uses sounds, pictures and bonus activities that kids love. Click “...More” to learn why you should download this App today!

“Look, Mommy, I did it!” Your kindergartener smiles broadly while showing you the iPhone screen. Just by checking the patterns your child has done, you can see that your son or daughter is learning an abstract concept. As your little one gets several correct in a row, s/he is rewarded with a fun creative activity – making a photo collage.

What’s Next?? – Pattern Game is an application from the same developers who brought you VisualMath to help your kids learn math in a fun format. This time, Weily Apps is giving kids a head start in learning about patterns and sequences. Kids don’t know they’re learning, they just want to have fun and this app has plenty of that!

This visually appealing app requires players, ages 4-7, to complete dynamic, colorful sequences of pictures. Along the way, kids get the giggles as each image emits a funny sound that calls a child’s other senses into play. A cheeping chick, hula music, a cowboy hat that goes, “Yee-haw!” not only sets off peals of laughter, it also grabs the child’s focus and helps them to remember. Imagine your youngster learning through laughter!

As children master the sequencing skill, they get a creative bonus reward that brings them back to the app, again and again. All kids love making a collage picture in What’s Next?? They’re free to design something silly or serious, nutty or touching, wherever their inner artist takes them. When done, their pictures can instantly be saved to your iPhone or iPod photo library.

The problem solving of patterns, the hilarious sounds and the fun collage making, all combine to make this an irresistible application for young learners.

Have a look at some of the features offered in What’s Next?? – Pattern Game:
* Dynamic, colorful and easy to use interface
* Teaches kids the abstract concept of sequential patterning in a fun way
* Each image makes amusing sounds
* Bonus creative activity allows kids to make a photo collage
* Encourages youngsters to play again and again – promotes and reinforces learning
* Perfect for children from 4 - 7 years of age

Give your child’s education a boost by downloading What’s Next?? – Pattern Game now. They’ll love the fun; you and their teacher will appreciate the results.

The founders of Weily Apps are a Stanford University trained educational designer and a experienced teacher. Balancing learning and fun for kids is their passion.

What's Next contains NO ads, in-app purchases, push notifications, tracking or data collection whatsoever.
On the Help/Info screen there is a link to our website for further information and an email link to contact us.

***Weily Apps is a member of Moms with Apps, a collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families.***
Recommended Ages: 4-7
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