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Fear of Flying

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This unique program is introduced by Michael Katz who is an active Boeing 777 Captain and a fear of flying expert since 1993.
Based on the most effective course available today for overcoming fear of flying, The Fear of Flying help program is now available as an iPad app!
This new app, goes beyond teaching you to cope with the fear of flying and Claustrophobia and includes Videos That covers every possible aspect of fear of flying: from basic flying principles, flying in turbulent weather, what is fear, to unique topics such as flying with Claustrophobia.

What people say about this program?

“Captain Miki Katz program changed my life”... - Keren A. New York

"The aircraft is not a big ugly monster any more"… D. F. New York

"Turbulent weather doesn't bother me that much now"… T. Korman, New Jersey

" I made my first flight after 15 years following Captain Miki Katz's program: I might ride on elevators soon" H. Verber Tel Aviv, Israel

***** Some of the topics covered on this app*****

- The media and Fear of Flying
- A real flight simulation
- Flying and Claustrophobia
- Aviation security
- Aviation weather and turbulence
- Aircraft maintenance
- Sounds and noises
And many more!