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Voice Recognition Alarm

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
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☆☆☆ CONTROL YOUR DEVICE BY YOUR VOICE! ☆☆☆ Complete voice-controlled alarm clock with stop and snooze functions. Say "Time" and the app will tell you the time. "Light On" = switches the LED light (iPhone 4) or display light on.

▷ With speech recognition, this app can do cool things for you just by using your voice. Ideal for evenings when you no longer want pick up the device - just turn the alarm on after you're already in bed!

▷ The following are all possible:

Set your alarm time from your bed by using speech controls. In the morning simply say "stop" or "snooze" from the comfort of your bed (snooze duration is adjustable). No more searching for the alarm, you only have to move your lips! Before the alarm time, you can say "alarm off" at any time to deactivate it (if you should happen to wake on your own before the set time).

▷ Talking clock: You can hear the time from a pleasant voice at any time during the night if you say "the time." Using the app during the day as a talking clock is also a really cool thing.

▷ Light source: Switch on the (night) light on your device with voice command when you say "light on".

▷ Announce the charge status of your telephone when you say "battery level" .

▷ With emergency alarm program, when the battery level is low (iOS 4.0), you will then be woken at the set time via local notification.

▷ The app has a high voice recognition rate, therefore it hardly every happens that the time is mistakenly announced or the alarm switches off in the morning as the result of an accidental noise.

▷ Complete overview of commands:

"Time" = Time announcement
"Alarm Time" = Alarm announcement
"Set Alarm" = Setting the alarm Say "alarm", wait, and say the desired alarm time, like "eight thirty" or "nine AM".
"Alarm On" = Activate alarm
"Alarm Off" = Turn off alarm
"Snooze" = Snooze (speak between the pauses if the alarm is active)
"Stop" = End alarm (speak between the pauses if the alarm is active)
"Light On" = Switch light on (iPhone 4: LED light, otherwise illumination of the screen)
"Light Off" = Turn light off
"Black Screen" = Dim screen (for nights when you would like to use the screen as a light on call)
"Help System" = Read all possible commands aloud
„Battery Level“ = Announce battery status
"Exit App" = End app (if battery status falls below 15%, the app is automatically ended and the emergency alarm for local information is activated (iOS4 or higher required).

And of course, the spoken numbers from 0-59 for setting the alarm time.

Alternatively, the app can of course be operated with the interface as well.

▷ Important: Requires iPhone or iPod Touch with microphone.