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Chubby Grass Free

iPhone / iPad
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Chubby Grass: A Game and a Textbook for Bugs and Grass.

Hi, would you like to teach your kids knowledge about some bugs and grass? And would you like to teach him or her with game? Haha, the Chubby Grass is a perfect material to meet your requirement.

The story begins with that…… You have a beautiful garden with lots of lovely chubby grass. However, some bugs may come to make troubles. Fortunately, you can control the dropping grass to fight with these bugs. So a battle with bugs is waiting for you to command. Don’t under-estimate these bugs. Every one of them has mysterious ability. Also, you have your weapons: flower bombs and special grass, which also has mysterious ability.

Please touch and drag everything on the screen to find out their functions. And sway your iPhone to see what will happen. Enjoy your game!

If the garden is full with grasses, you will win and meet new bug. But if you waste more than three grasses, which means you put dropping grass to wrong position, you will fail. So be careful!

How to play:
1, Move Dropping Grass: You can touch and drag dropping grass to move it, or you also can sway your iphone to move it.
2, Plant Dropping Grass:Move dropping grass to vacancy garden column, then click any position in garden area to plant.
3, Hit Bug: Move dropping grass to garden column where bug is creepping, then click any position in garden area to hit bug.
4, Flower Bomb: If any flower bomb appears in left upper conner, you can click bomb icon to detonate it.

This is free version of "Chubby Grass". So it was integrated with advertise, and limit some features. Please buy paid version if you like it.

If you have any problems or suggestions, please contact

小胖草:游戏 + 关于虫子和小草的教材

故事是这样的。。。。。。你拥有一个漂亮的苗圃, 种满着健康可爱的小胖草, 但总是有很多的虫子来捣乱, 当然, 你有的是办法来对付它们, 所以一场与虫子的战斗正等着你指挥。不要轻视这些虫子哦, 它们可是真的来自大自然, 所以各个身怀绝技。不过你也有自己的武器:各种花粉炸弹和食虫草。你可以快速结束战斗, 也可以放慢节奏感悟自然易趣, 请享受你的游戏吧。,
如果你能种满整个苗圃,你就可以过关并且遇到新的虫子。但是如果你种错了位置并且浪费了三个小胖草,你就只能重新对付这一关的虫子了。当心嗷 :)


这个游戏是“Chubby Grass”游戏的免费版,里面整合了广告并限制了一些功能,如果喜欢本游戏,请购买其付费版,谢谢!