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Row Operations Tutor

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The Row Operations Tutor helps you manipulate matrices with the three fundamental row operations: swap, scale and add. The arithmetic for row operations can be tedious and mistakes can be hard to catch, so use the tutor to check your work.

• Tutor completes row operations for you
• Hints given for Gauss-Jordan method
• Hints given for finding inverses
• Gauss-Jordan Solver
• Matrix inverse Solver
• Mail solver's solutions
• Exact answers are shown as fractions
• Review row operations, with examples
• Review Gauss-Jordan Method, with examples
• Review matrix inverses, with examples
• 10 sample problem templates included
• Enter your own problems
• Enter data as fractions or decimals
• Custom keyboard for easy data entry
• Export matrices as HTML or CSV
• Import problems into Simplex Tutor
• Save matrices as pictures
• Work problems with up to 14 rows and 14 columns

Not only does the tutor perform the arithmetic of row operations for you, but it will also give you hints when solving a system of linear equations with the Gauss-Jordan method or when finding the inverse of a matrix with row operations. When you are stuck on such a problem, and not sure how to proceed, you can request a hint guiding you to the solution. The more hints you ask for the more guidance you will receive. Eventually, when using the Gauss-Jordan method or when you are finding a matrix inverse with row operations, the tutor will tell you a correct row operation to use. If the problem is not solvable the tutor will tell you so. This way the techniques are continually reinforced and soon you will not need to ask for hints.

If you want more than hints, turn on the solver from the settings view. Now step by step solutions for Gauss-Jordan or matrix inverse problems will be given.

Turn problems into fully worked examples with the Row Operations Tutor.

If the Row Operations Tutor has been helpful to you, please leave a review. If you have a suggestion, please contact us at Many thanks!

For practice with the simplex method, see the Simplex Tutor.