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iCalcuHD is now a complete basic calculator app for your iPad, and it is FREE! It is the best option that you have to make some quickly operations in one single view, you don’t have to rotate or put the iOS device in landscape, always portrait for an easy and quickly use and for calculates that need sometimes velocity and precision.

With iCalcuHD you can do:
-Calculate the percentage that you want of the amount that you want.
-Calculate the square root of any amount or numer.
-Use the π for any operation that you need to do.
-Also iCalcuHD counts with a small trigonometric part where you can calculate the sine, cosine or tangent of a number. (You choose, Degrees or Radians).
-You can calculate the double of a number with the x^2 button.

Some functions explanation:

The percentage functions like this: type the amount that you want to get the percentage and then push the % button and then capture the percentage amount that you need and iCalcuHD gives you the result.

To erase the operation that you do, simple like this, push the C button and this is going to replace all with a 0, and if you type a wrong number and you want to erase to type another, push the C button but also the = button, this is going to erase all the numbers that has been capture and you are able to do the operation with the exact numbers that you want.