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The stopwatch for RACERS. RaceTimer+ helps you keep track of not just your lap times, but also the lap times for your team and your competitors. Its thoughtfully designed interface requires a minimum of time looking at the screen or moving your fingers, so you can stay focused on the action. Beyond simply recording elapsed times, it also computes the deltas between competitors, keeps track of fast laps, monitors both track and race position, and more! Multiple races can be saved and reviewed, and results can be emailed for sharing.

WHAT RaceTimer+ measures:

- Unlimited number of lap times
- Unlimited number of competitors
- Time delta (gap) to competitor ahead
- Delta to competitor behind
- Time behind race leader
- Difference to "star" competitor
- Personal best lap time
- Overall best lap time
- Average lap time for each competitor
- Race position
- Track position
- More!

WHY RaceTimer+ is different:

RaceTimer+ doesn't just try to mimic a classic stopwatch, or or offer a few minor tweaks to Apple's built-in stopwatch. Among the dozens of features in RaceTimer+, four in particular separate it from the crowd and make it powerful enough for a coach or crew chief to replace a clipboard and a drawer full of Robics.

First, it keeps all of the cars that you're tracking sorted by track position. This way (excluding passes), the next competitor you should be looking for will always be at the top of the list. You can keep your thumb in one place nearly all of the time. This economy of finger/eye motion allows you to stay focused on what is going on out on track, even when you're following a lot of racers.

Second, it will calculate gaps or deltas for you. You can set it up to show you the gap to the racer ahead, behind, the race leader, or any other competitor you mark with a star. This is an enormous help when trying to control the pace of a race from the lead.

Third, once a race or session has been completed, you can see a summary that includes the overall finishing positions plus everone's individual lap times. You can email this summary to yourself for record keeping, or to others for bragging rights. Of course the number of races and sessions you can save is practically unlimited.

Finally, and this one is a big help for novice crew members or assistants, you can attach a photo of the car, car number, or competitor to each racer's name which makes ID easy.

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