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Venice - Jewish Ghetto

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Museum Planet presents a comprehensive narrated digital, narrated tour of the Jewish Ghetto (Ghetto Nuovo) in Venice, Italy.

Every synagogue is explored and explained; Scuola Grande Tedesca, Scuola Canton, Scuola Italiana, Scuola Grande, Spagnola and Scuola Levantina. There was discrimination against the Jews in Venice but they fought it and carved out an important place in history of Venice. Theirs is a unique story.

These intact synagogues were the heart of Venetian Jewry. There is no other place like it. The tour is more comprehensive than any book yet produced.

You can walk around the Ghetto. Its rules are explained to you.You will see the ancient Jewish cemetery on the Lido. In many ways our tours are better than being there because you see everything from the comfort of your sofa.

You can stop and start the tour; jump around in it by choosing particular photos; stop it to read the often extensive text, and enlarge all the color photos with a ‘swoosh’ of your fingers.

Museum Planet takes you there: 103 photographs, 45.5 minutes of audio and 9,990 words, plus biographies.

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