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Slice n' Draw

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Educational picture book app for toddlers and preschoolers, based on sliced-vegetable drawing activity we all enjoy.

Do you recognize what it is ? It's a monochrome sliced image of a well known vegetable or a fruit. Is it a Lotus root or a Strawberry ? Hmmm, may be it's Chinese cabbage. Try to identify them all ! Some of their shapes look really familiar. After you've checked what they are, let's make some drawings out of them ! If you like, switch modes and scratch the white canvas as they gradually emerge on the screen.

-- From the author, Katsu Kiuchi --
Thank you for purchasing Slice'n Draw. The content of this app was derived from three of my Japanese educational picture book titles, "Yasai no Onaka", "Yasai no Senaka" and "Kudamono nanda". I created this app as a new kind of a picture book, accommodating many interactive features and art expressions couldn't be done prevously in paper form. It can be enjoyed by a single player or multiple players. You may also project it to a large screen for group reading activity. I presonally designed this app for all ages, from toddlers to parents.

-- Information on original Japanese picture book titles --
"Yasai no Onaka"
Can you identify what this strange shape is ? The answer is in next page...This title introduces anatomy of well know vegetables and fruits with fun and beautiful illustration.

"Kudamono nanda"
Flip through the Sillouette images of well known fruits. Looks really different in shadows don't they ? This title was designed to help expand imaginations of the reader while simply having fun !

"Yasai no Senaka"
If you place a blank sheet of paper on a sliced vegetable surface and scratch on with a crayon, interesting image appears. Based on this activity, it was designed to expand readers mind while having fun with it.

-- Two modes in this app --
[Reading mode]
This mode is for reading picture book contents. Try to identify each objects, or look for similar matches. If you have trouble identifying them, simply scratch them on surface and hints will appear. Let your mom and dad challenge them "

[Playing mode]
a. Sliced vegetable drawing (a.k.a Onaka activity)
Let's draw over sliced images of a vegetable or a fruit and have fun with it ! Choose crayon colors, or simply revert black and white pixels for a different look. Press SAVE and keep them as picture images. Draw many as you can and show them to your mom and dad !

b. Suface scratching (a.k.a Senaka activity)
Press the "?" button and display a white blank canvas. Scratch on it and watch as strange vegetable surface images emerges.

For any questions of suggestions regarding this app, please feel free to contact via