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FastChords Composer HD

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Reverse chord computations at your fingertips! Find the chord symbols that match key combinations on the piano keyboard, or annotated music in music scores.

Easily annotate the staff with our unique tap and slide interface. Matching chord names magically appear on the screen. Or use our chords calculator to produce chords based on a vast library of chord names and synonyms.

Find the answer to questions like these:

* What is the name of the chord I'm playing?
* How should it be annotated?
* Which piano keys should be played from chord names found in music scores and fake books?
* How does a chord sequence sounds?

Let FastChords Composer tell you! You'll love the versatility of this app. Great for music students of all levels.

* reverse chord computation based on annotated staff.
* reverse chord computation based on played piano keys.
* automatic and correct staff annotation of chords.
* easy touch and slide interface to position staff notes.
* easy touch and slide interface for chord root changes.
* easy chord inversions and signature key changes.
* ability to save named chord sequences to the device.
* ability to save named backups to your computer.
* ability to email chord sequences.
* 6-octave keyboard display.

FASTCHORDS(™) (included Chords Calculator)
* familiar calculator-style interface
* customizable keys to match chord symbols
* vast library of over 400 chord names and synonyms
* ability to construct slash chords
* easy chord inversions
* 6-octave keyboard display
* great sound.