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Medication Diary - My best medicine

iPhone / iPad
  • Health & Fitness
  • Medical
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** This is the bug fix version for iOS8 **

7 in 1: Medication + Measurement Diary (Blood pressure/Pulse pressure, Body weight/BMI, Body temperature, Pulse, Blood sugar, Your own type)

* Special Price (Limited Time Only): $4.99 -> $2.99

It will help you keep a log of any medications, side effects, pain, diagnosis and 6 measurement types.

* What‘s Hot of Medical Category in Canada, Germany, Schweiz/Suisse, France, Japan

Find your best 'medication/dietary supplements' without side effects (or with few side effects)

Whether drugs, medical devices and dietary supplements or whether medications for headache, toothache, cold and period cramps - this 'Medication Diary' allows you and your doctor to analyze the effectiveness of medications and the incidence of SIDE EFFECTS and to find the effective medicines without side effects (or with few side effects) for you.

The very helpful 'Touch-Statistics in last 5/7/10/14/30 days' under the list will help you control instantly the number of doses and medication days.

* Track Medication with effect and side effects:
- Taking-Time, dosage, when and how
- Effect and side effects
- Dual pain severity scale (0-10/0-3), Location & Type of pain, Symptom, Diagnosis
- Comment
- Notification of medication in the future (Simple setting: Set the medication time in the future)

* Measurement Tracking:
- Body weight(kg/lb) with BMI, Body temperature(°C/°F), Pulse, Blood pressure with Pulse pressure, Blood sugar (mg/dL, mmol/L) and Your own type
- Automatic conversion: kg - lbs, °C - °F, mg/dL - mmol/L
- Measurement History List per measurement type
- Pulse & Blood Pressure in one input mask (for new values)

* Smart Analyse & Statistics:
- Find your 'Top Rated' medications in according to effect or side effects
- Touch-Statistics of the last 5/7/10/14/300 days in the medication list (swipe with one finger on the statistics to change the value range)
- Touch-Statistics of the last 2/5/10/20/100 values in the measurement list
- 'Trend Icon' based on the current value range
- 9 'Trend-Graphics' (inclusiv BMI) of certain period
- Statistical overview

* Smart Report:
- Useful email report for certain period with preview
- Medication- & Measurement protocol in one report
- CSV export of medication- & measurement-log for your pc
- Email-report in 7 foreign languages without changing language of iOS device

* Smart Navigation: Swipe & Tap
- Swipe left or right with one or two fingers for changing the views or other periods of touch-statistics
- The gesture-title appears and disappears automatically
- Quick display of info title by one-tap
- Saving the data by double-tap on the input mask

* Smart Setting:
- Goal value for body weight (with BMI), blood pressure, blood sugar, your own type
- Your own measurement type with type name, unit, decimal places
- Customer link for the knowledge about Medication, BMI, body temperature, pulse and blood pressure
- Time interval in 1, 5, 10, 15, 30-minutes
- Warning / Confirmation
- Gesture
- Notification of medication in the future
- Backup & Restore app database & setting via email
- Transper app database & setting to other iOS devices via email
- iPhone 5 optimized

* This app is not intended to use for self-diagnosis or self-treatment. Only your doctor can assess and plan your treatment.