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Avatier Approver

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The Avatier Approver application is the first mobile Identity and Access Management solution component empowering IT administrator and business users to respond to and approve in-house and cloud-based application and network access requests from anywhere in the world.

The application leverages Avatier’s patented workflow technology and push notifications to alert you when access requests are submitted through Avatier’s Identity Enforcer software that require your attention while you are on the go.

The application design mirrors the Approver and Workflow Administrator screens of Identity Enforcer, allowing you to use an already familiar and intuitive interface to get your employees productive in minutes, not days.

Like all products in the Avatier Identity Management Suite, actions performed through the Avatier Approver application are fully audited making reporting and compliance attestation a cinch.

All features of the Avatier Identity Enforcer Approver and Workflow Administrator screens are now available in the Avatier Approver application.

• Push notifications for items pending your approval from Avatier’s Identity Enforcer product

• Safe and secure wireless logon using your Active Directory domain credentials

• Dashboard view of all items requiring your attention

• View the details of requests for enterprise roles, privileges, assets and other user requests

• Approve or Deny any request

• Enter comments that become a permanent part of the audit trail

• Override the duration dates of the granted access

• Override the Organizational Unit placement of a new account creation

• Quickly approve and move accounts to a new OU

• Approve and move a user’s Exchange mailbox to a new mailbox database in seconds

• Approve and change a user’s Exchange mailbox quota properties

• Approve requests to disable or delete a user’s access

• Approve requests to enable a disabled user

• See where a request is in the workflow process

• If you are the Workflow Administrator, quickly correct unresolved approver issues and send out reminders for delayed items