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iWavit XBMC

iPhone / iPad
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This app turns the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad into a Plug & Play Remote Control for XBMC. This app requires the iWavit Premium hardware. See

XBMC is a popular free open source XBMC Media Center program that runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac computers ( iWavit XBMC is an app that is a Virtual Remote Control that allows you to control any XBMC system, INCLUDING any TV and Sound System you may have it attached to. iWavit XBMC is an IR and RF remote with a range of over 300ft (100m).

Setup is very simple. Insert the iWavit USB Dongle & Lightbar into the PC that you wish to control, then position the Lightbar right under (or above) the TV screen, just like you would for the Nintendo Wii. Now you have full control. There is no need for a WIFI network, complex setup, or driver and software installation on your PC.

The iWavit includes patented optical tracking technology that will allow you to control XBMC on your large screen TV simply by pointing and clicking. Point your iPhone (with iWavit Attachment) at your TV screen and where you point is where the cursor appears. The motion is ABSOLUTE, with no drift over time, and no need for constant re-calibration or re-centering of the cursor, as is the case for Gyro-based mice. This makes it very easy and fast to navigate the XBMC menu.

You can also use any of the many buttons and arrow keys to navigate menus with no need to point at the screen. You can control video and song playback, turn on the visualization, minimize the window, bring up info, and control the PC volume. You can even bring up a QWERTY KEYBOARD on your iPhone to aid you in any search. (No need to have a large bulky keyboard on your living-room table).

What about your TV and Home Theater System? You can control those as well. The iWavit includes hardware to be able to act like a Universal IR Learning Remote so you can control almost any IR equipment like TVs or surround sound systems.

Screen 3 is meant for controlling IR equipment. Initially there are no IR codes stored in the app. This means that you can take any of your in-home remotes and "transfer" select buttons from them onto this remote. To do this, hold down the "P"-button and tap the button you wish to program. You will be guided through the IR learning process. Once a button has been learned, you never have to redo it, unless you want to control new devices.

Another great feature of the iWavit is that the USB Dongle & IR Lightbar can act like a wireless IR extender. Tap the iWavit icon in the lower right of the screen to select whether the IR signals are to be emitted from the iWavit Attachment or from the ~10x stronger IR Lightbar. You can now control your IR Devices from more than 300ft away.

Finally, there is one more button on the lower left of every screen. This is the HOME button. Pressing the HOME button will take you to the app called iWavit Flow, if it is installed. This app provides a convenient cover-flow way to navigate between iWavit apps.

This "iWavit XBMC" app is part of a family of iWavit Virtual Remotes for Major-Brand electronic devices and Computers. For those who wish to create their own custom Remote Controls, we have created the Ultimate Remote Control app called Tabula Rasa (and Tabula Rasa HD for the iPad).